image of Essentials of Statistics (3rd Edition)

Essentials of Statistics (3rd Edition)
by Mario F. Triola

Publisher: Addison Wesley
Publish Date: 2006-12-30
Format: Paperback , 720 pages
isbn-13: 9780321434258
isbn-10: 0321434250 Edition: 3

Editorial Review

Key Message: Essentials of Statistics,Third Edition is the ideal text for readers who want a more economical and streamlined text that covers the essential topics. Drawn from Triola's Elementary Statistics, Tenth Edition, this text provides the same reader-friendly approach with material presented in a real-world context.

Key Topics: Introduction to Statistics; Summarizing and Graphing Data; Statistics for Describing, Exploring, and Comparing Data; Probability; Probability Distributions; Normal Probability Distributions; Estimates and Sample Sizes; Hypothesis Testing; Inferences from Two Samples; Correlation and Regression; Chi-Square and Analysis of Variance.

For all readers interested in Statistics.